the social mask.

Let's be honest, wearing a mask sucks, and seeing another person’s facial expressions makes us happy. So in 2021, we set a goal to create a mask to make the everyday task of wearing masks more enjoyable. To keep you safe, and have some fun.

show off!


Even without speaking, there are different lighting patterns to bring out different styles.


Our face mask can light up over 8 hours with just 1 hour & 40 minutes of charging. All chargers & cables are included.


One single button used to switch modes at will. It's all quick and easy!

Adjustable Toggles

Eliomask features adjustable toggles for a secure fit

Rechargeable Battery

Eliomask battery is connected to a removable LED Panel

Fun for Everyone!

Stand out while putting a smile on your face and others

our customers said.


I literally sat in front of my mirror for an hour just laughing to myself lol. It's great.

Cheryl Anderson

Super cool mask. arrived fast and in perfect condition. you guys are the best. thank you I will be back for more.

Madison Cooper

These masks are so unique. Me and my friends are getting so much compliments and questions about them.

Russel Tran
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